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Seismic & Vibration Isolation Expert

Seismic & Vibration Isolation Expert

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Who we are

Seismic and Wind Restraint

Acrefine Engineering’s core business is seismic and wind restraint design of non-structural building components. These include mechanical and electrical equipment and installations such as duct work, piping and cable trays. The company is exporting its products and services to major earthquake zones
around the world that include, North & South America, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand.

Acrefine is manufacturing a range of seismic products that include seismic spring and rubber isolators, various types of snubbers and pads. These products are used in variety of building types to achieve desired level of building performance required for earthquake zones. Buildings include government & military facilities, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, residences and technology & industrial facilities.

Who we are

Acoustical, Noise and Vibration Control

A major part of Acrefine’s business is noise and vibration control. The company manufactures spring and rubber vibration isolators, vibration isolation hangers and variety of pads. These products are used to reduce noise and vibration from HVAC & R equipment, industrial equipment, piping and etc.

Acrefine Engineering is also manufacturing a range of products that are used in acoustical applications. Acrefine Floating Room (AFR) systems are designed to reduce noise and vibration and improve comfort levels in buildings. Major components of the system are floating floors, floating walls and floating ceilings. Main applications include mechanical rooms, gyms, bowling lanes, noise sensitive areas such as television studious & theatres.

Who we are

Engineering Services

Seismic restraint calculations in compliance with local and international codes.

Vibration isolation analysis.

Acoustic calculations related to airborne and structure borne noise