AFR-CH Isolated Ceiling Hanger

AFR-CH vibration isolation hanger is designed for suspended ceilings. As much as to screen services that pass above a room, a suspended ceiling is usually installed to prevent airborne noise intrusion from the floor above to the room below or vice versa. Although suspended ceilings are effective sound absorbers, adjoining ceiling structures may get in resonance at certain frequencies resulting in amplification of noise and vibration. AFR-CH vibration isolation hangers dampen these disturbing vibrations and provide a perfect noise and vibration isolation between spaces.
  • Sound, vibration and impact isolation
  • High dynamic stiffness
  • Natural Rubber (NR) compound
  • 5 mm (3/16”) deflection and 100 kg (220 lb) load capacity

Acrefine AFR-CH ceiling hangers can be used in any place that utilizes a suspended ceiling. They are ideal for spaces that require a quiet working environment such as meeting rooms, operation rooms, recording studios and test laboratories. They are perfect for the insulation of impact noise transmission from a fitness room to an office below or from a technical attic of a theatre hall to the audience. They are also recommended for small industrial places where noise issues are influential on productivity. AFR-CH elastomeric hangers can provide 5 mm (3/16”) deflection and 100 kg (220 lb) load capacity for a single hanger.

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