AFR-WS Isolated Wall Support 

AFR-WS wall support is designed to provide bracing for secondary walls whilst eliminating the transmission paths for vibration and noise. Mass law states that it is more efficient to create an air void by installing a secondary wall instead of thickening a wall to prevent airborne noise transmission. Therefore, a drywall is usually installed on partitioning walls for a better acoustic performance. However, bracings that support the drywall transmit vibration and noise to neighbouring rooms and building structure. Profiles bearing AFR-WS wall supports are decoupled with a rubber layer to prevent vibration and noise transmission. Thereby, partitioning walls that utilize AFR-WS perform excellent acoustic insulation.

  • Sound and vibration isolation
  • High dynamic stiffness
  • Natural Rubber (NR) compound
  • Load bearing capacity up to 230 kg (507 lb)
  • 50 Shore A Hardness as standard

Acrefine AFR-WS wall supports are suitable for all spaces that implement a secondary wall with the intention of preventing noise transmission. AFR-WS can be applied especially on the walls of mechanical rooms that are adjacent to living spaces. Its use is also recommended for spaces such as fitness rooms, cinema theatres and music studios that require moderate to high noise insulation.

AFR-WS wall supports can provide 230 kg (507 lb) load capacity for a single support.

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