AFR-PS Floating Floor Perimeter Strip

Acrefine AFR-PS strip is installed along the perimeters of a floating floor, eliminating its contact with walls, columns and other structural elements of a building space. It prevents the transmission of flanking sound waves and vibrations through the floating floor to adjacent spaces by forming an elastic barrier between these structures.

Installed perpendicular to the floating floor, AFR-PS has no load carrying capacity and its primary purpose is to decouple floating floor elements such as plywood and concrete along its height from surrounding structures.

AFR-PS is manufactured from 10 mm thick polyethylene strips with a height of 200 mm. They are supplied in rolls of 60 m standard length.

  • Prevents flanking noise and vibration transmission
  • Easy to install
  • Closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene
  • Vapor resistant material
  • 10 mm thick and 200 mm wide strips
  • Supplied in 60 m long rolls
Acrefine AFR-PS type floating floor perimeter strips have many applications that include reducing sound and vibration transmission from mechanical rooms. Other typical application includes isolating test rooms or even television studios where sound transmission must be kept to a minimum. They can also be used for impact isolation applications such as gyms or kitchens.

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