AS-U All Directional Seismic Snubber

Acrefine AS-U seismic snubber is designed to limit equipment motion and prevent overturning or ‘uplift’ caused by unwanted external forces such as a seismic event.

Manufactured from high quality steel or ductile cast iron, these snubbers can be tailor-made specifically to suit the dimensions of your equipment and will ensure ‘all-directional’ restraint. They are the perfect solution for large water-cooled chillers which may have come pre-fitted with flat steel legs.

AS-U type snubbers are equipped with shock-absorbing rubber on all impact surfaces – these fittings greatly reduce shock and will substantially improve performance during an event such as an earthquake.

  • Cost-effective solution for all directional restraining
  • Easy to install
  • Can be bolted or welded in place
  • 35 mm (1/4″) thick rubber cushion on impact surfaces
  • Powder coated for superior corrosion protection (optional hot dip galvanizing is available)
  • Load capacity up to 3,500 kgf (7,716 lbf) on standard range

AS-U snubbers are perfectly suited to floor mounted equipment offering a cost-effective solution for applications where equipment is on resilient supports such as rubber or springs and where ‘all-directional’ restraining is a must. During normal operation, these snubbers will remain out of contact however they are specifically designed to withstand seismic forces ensuring that your equipment is safely held in place. Available in different sizes up to a 3,500 kgf (7,716 lbf) load capacity. Higher load capacities are available upon request.

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